I love to build good software and find the process extremely satisfying. Starting from a bare idea, the rush and thrill of coding something into existence is an unparalleled feeling.

Prompts An app for writers to get out of a writers' block easily. Works by fetching prompts from r/WritingPrompts A resume builder to showcase all the stuff you did during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic

Notion.css A minimal CSS framework that resembles the aesthetic of the note taking app Notion.

Messier REST API A REST API for the Messier Catalogue of Deep Sky Objects

Dinkan A LaTeX editor with live rendering and real time collaborative editing

Clear Skies My astronomy blog where I post articles and keep a digital record of my observations

wallflower A desktop app made with Electron for streaming movie torrents. Uses WebTorrents and the YIFY API. Intended only for educational purposes and hence code hasn't been made public

Vega A minimal kernel that I had made to learn about how operating systems work

Sprinkles A simple e-commerce website for bakers to sell stuff. Users can order items and track the delivery as well.

Idukki Disaster Management Team App An app @sruthy and I made to send notifications for volunteers, made for the Idukki Disaster Management Team

Upanishad Bot A Twitter bot that tweets verses from the Upanishads (WIP)

Champion A billing and inventory software for medical representatives using Electron. Made it for my Dad who is a medical rep

YouTube Title Updater Update the title of a YouTube video in real time with the number of views

honeybee A dashboard to visualise data taken from the Hive blockchain.

Twitter username updater Update your Twitter username with the number of followers. Can be used as a template for a Twitter bot